Members of our own, in house trading team, currently trading funds on behalf of our clients have learnt from scratch the strategies and analytics to harness the market, we approach these courses on the basis that following our tutelage any individual from any background will be able to learn and apply our strategies therefore capitalize on our knowledge and experience. We do not teach by any form of webinar or e-learning, as we do regard these as effective ways of imparting genuinely implementable knowledge. All of our courses come with trading essentials to take home; including our Trading Exchange guide.

Intensive Course

In this beginner's intensive course we start by giving you a base of knowledge and introduction into foreign exchange trading. We can then move onto the methodologies behind the market, fundamentals and our trading strategies. Providing you with the tools and understanding we will analysis the market with you, running through charts to preparing you to begin trading at market open.

• Definitions and terminologies
• Types of traders
• Trading Terminology
• How fundamentals effect forex
• Forex technical analysis
• Principal Trading Strategies
• Support & Resistance Zones
• Identifying Entry and Exit Points
• How to actively manage trades
• Know When to Stay Out

£695.00 Book Now

Live Trading One on One

This programme is designed to put you into a trading environment, with a battle hardened trader, with free flowing communication this is a totally unique opportunity to receive feedback tips and continuous guidance. This immersion experience allows you to apply your knowledge with the guidance of our professional traders.

• Live Trading
• Live Price Action
• Access to our live analysis
• Immersion to trading environment
• Immediate feedback and communication
• One-on-one tuition
• Advanced Avoiding trading mistakes

£1995.00 Book Now

Trading Signals

• Signals are sent directly from our live trading floor, insuring our clients are entering the same positions as receive the same quality of input as our in house team.
• We will provide you with entry points, Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.
• Our signals are always above a 3:1 ratio.
• We focus on Swing Trading so positions can be held from a few hours to multiple days however updates are sent advising on how to actively manage.
• Signals average 800 pips a month profit

£70 per month Subscription